Galiwin’ku Healthy Lifestyle Festival

The Galiwin’ku Healthy Lifestyle Festival started in 1998 and was managed by the Ngalkanbuy Health Clinic. The festival, in September each year, is unique in the NT because of both its isolation and commitment by the community to plan and run it themselves and to involve every organisation in town.

The festival committee ensures, and delivers a broad range of activities where for a week the entire community, schools and families focus on health, nutrition and healthy living. The strong arts activities and skills of the community are an integral part of the programs and health education is delivered by local people, Aboriginal artists and Health Workers, using the arts with messages in language and symbols that all can understand.

Gurrumul, along with his band of many years, Saltwater Band, had a long-term role in this Festival. The Foundation has stepped forward to support the festival and the Ngalkunbuy Health Clinic in making the festival develop its own programs and live on well into the future.