Cyclone Lam Recovery Concert – Elcho Island

The Foundation’s next project is the Recovery Concert in Gurrumul’s hometown of Galiwin’ku. Cyclones Lam and Nathan caused massive destruction earlier this year. Almost 300 people became homeless. People have recently moved from 4 months living in tents to demountable accommodation. It is still not known when houses will be repaired or new homes built.

The Concert on October 3 will be the finale of the week-long Galiwin’ku Healthy Lifestyle Festival which involves everyone – the School, Clinic, ALPA stores, Miwatj Health and many community organisations. All activities are based on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and important health messages. This year’s theme is NO SUGAR.

A mentoring project funded by Red Cross will support young people to work alongside their elders, Aboriginal Health Workers, professional musicians, technicians and others organising all aspects of the Festival.

2015 has been very tough for everyone. All the families coming together to celebrate their culture and the wonderful musicians of Elcho Island will be the best and happiest time all year.

Gurrumul went through the Cyclones too with his family.

Now he is looking forward to performing for his community and hopes to invite some favourite NT musicians to join him – maybe B2M from the Tiwi Islands.